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Louisiana Court Of AppealsCourt of Appeal, Second Circuit
State of Louisiana

430 Fannin Street, Shreveport LA 71101
(318) 227-3700
(318) 227-3735 (fax)
Office Hours: 8:30AM - 4:45PM, Monday through Friday

Brief Checklist

  LOCAL RULES Reference  
  Failure to file briefs: criminal cases 2-3  
  Written Assignments of Error: criminal cases 2-4  
  Sanctions for failure to file timely: criminal cases 2-4  
  Pro se briefing notice: criminal cases 2-6  
  Certificate of service: criminal cases 2-7  
  Withdrawal and return of the record: civil and criminal cases 2-8  
  Certificate for attachments (must use either 15 or 15.1) 15 (with) or 15.1 (without)  
  Rejection of briefs not in compliance with Uniform Rules of Courts of Appeal (URCA) 2-5  
  Copies of briefs in support of rehearing application: Original + 6 3-1  
  Bar roll number (Attorneys only) 8  
  UNIFORM RULES Reference  
  Copies: original + 7 2-12.1  
  Pages: numbered consecutively 2-12.2B  
  Page Limit: Original brief: 31 legal or 41 letter
                      Reply brief: 13 legal or 18 letter
Excludes only table of contents and table of authorities
  Spacing: double, except as noted 2-12.2B  
  Size of font: Roman or Times New Roman, 14 pt. or larger computer font or (b) no more than 10 characters per inch typewriter print. 2-12.2D(2)  
  Title: Court to which the brief is directed 2-12.3(a)  
  Docket number: assigned by appellate court 2-12.3(b)  
  Title of the case: as it appears on the docket 2-12.3(c)  
  Name or title of the court and the parish from which the case came 2-12.3(d)  
  Name of judge: who rendered judgment or ruling complained of 2-12.3(e)  
  Statement: on appeal or in response to a writ 2-12.3(f)  
  Identification of party and party's status before the court 2-12.3(g)  
  Original, reply, or supplemental brief 2-12.3(h)  
  Name of counsel, address and phone number 2-12.3(i)  
  Civil, criminal, juvenile, or special proceeding 2-12.3(j)  
  Table of contents 2-12.4A(l)
  Table of authorities 2-12.4A(2)
  Jurisdictional statement (appellant only)
(Optional for appellee)
2-12.4A(3)(a), (b) or (c)
  A statement of the case (appellant only)
(Optional for appellee)
  Assignment of alleged errors 2-12.4A(5)
  Listing of issues presented for review (appellant only)
(Optional for appellee)
  A statement of facts relevant to assignments of error and issues(appellant only)
(Optional for appellee)
  Summary of argument 2-12.4A(8)
  Argument (Appelllant only: Statement of standard of review) 2-12.4A(9)
2-12.4A(9)(a), (b) and (c)
  Conclusion 2-12.4A(10)
  Certificate of service (to whom, when, how) 2-14.1 and 2-14.1-2  
  Copy of the judgment, order, or ruling complained of
(Optional for appellee)
  Copy of either the trial court's reasons for judgment or minute entry of the reasons, if given. If none, so state
(Optional for appellee)

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