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Louisiana Second Circuit Court of Appeal

The Second Circuit Court of Appeal in Shreveport, one of five circuit courts of appeal in Louisiana, consists of nine judges who are elected from three election districts in the 20 northernmost parishes of Louisiana. The Second Circuit Courthouse, constructed in 1987, was dedicated in the memory of Justice Pike Hall, Jr. on September 29, 2000.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the appellate courts of Louisiana is to provide meaningful access to all who seek review under the Court’s appellate and supervisory jurisdiction granted by the Louisiana Constitution while protecting and promoting the rule of law, preserving the public trust, and using public resources efficiently.


Court will be closed May 29, 2023, in observance of Memorial Day

ANNOUNCEMENT: Purchase of digital records

Court Closure – February 20, 2023

**New** Local Rule 17: Filing deadline on expedited writs (Effective January 5, 2023)

Court Closure – February 1, 2023

Court will be closed January 16, 2023, in observance of Martin Luther King Jr.

Court Closure – December 23, 2022

Court Closure – December 30, 2022

Filing Fee Increase (Effective July 1, 2022)

Amended Local Rule 2-8: Withdrawal and Return of the Record (Effective June 1, 2022)

**New** Local Rule 3-1: Number of Copies for Filing (Effective June 1, 2022)

Amended Local Rule 9: Motion to Waive Oral Argument; Sanctions (Effective June 1, 2022)

**New** Local Rule 16: Time to Respond to Non-Expedited Writ (Effective June 1, 2022)

Electronic Filing (“e-filing”) Rule 5-2 (Effective November 1, 2021)

Order re Suspension of Filing Deadlines (Effective immediately)

The Court will no longer allow exhibits to be checked out in either civil or criminal appeals.  Exhibits may only be viewed in the Clerk of Court’s office.  For the time being, viewing shall be by appointment.

Amended Local Rule 2-5 – Rejection of Briefs not in Compliance with URCA (Effective September 19, 2019)

Amended Local Rule 15 – Attachments to Briefs, Certification (Effective May 31, 2019)

Local Rule 15.1 – No Attachments to Briefs, Certification (Effective May 31, 2019)

Local Rule – Withdrawal and Return of Records (Effective May 31, 2019)

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